Taphouse 24

Behind the Project:

Tap House 24 came to us as a brand new company and wanted to create a web presence for their new restaurant/brewhouse. Will a soft launch of their site,  they wanted to showcase key items on their home page. The creative taps signifies what their company offers, while being user friendly all around.

Site Features:

Mobile Friendly Design

Tap House 24 is aware how important having a mobile friendly website is now a days. When people are away from their computers they want to be able to view a website that formats to their device. They knew if people were not able to view their website they could lose business. With a mobile friendly website, everyone can view their site on the go and explore their menu, events, etc.

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Content Management System

Since Tap House 24 will have menu changes and events and calendar dates to add, they wanted to be able to update their own content. With the addition of a NEXTFLY content management system, they can update these items at their convenience. This makes life easier for them and they can maintain their website with all changes at ease.

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