Indiana School Board Association

Behind the Project:

Indiana School Board Association wanted to update their out of date site to a modern look with some of the branding changes they made. We incorporated there new color scheme and logo to their new website. ISBA puts on a lot of conferences, therefore, they wanted people to be able to view these quickly when they entered their site. An Events page was added to their home page, with the ability to easily edit and change all of the information on the back end. In addition to events, ISBA wanted to be able to post job openings of school board administration positions, so we added a job board in which they can post open positions and people can read and apply directly from the website.

Site Features:

Mobile-Friendly Design

As most people are on the go in today’s society, it is important to have your website be mobile optimized. Indiana School Board Association wanted their website to be able to be viewed on the go. All features will be functionally and reformat themselves to fit all mobile devices.

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Content Management System

With ISBA having multiple conferences throughout the year, they wanted to be able to update their own content. We created a content management system, in which they are able to add and delete events quickly and at their own time frame. They can also update any of the content on their pages, add or delete photos and maintain their website all on their own. Content management systems are ideal for clients who want to be in control of their website if they have events or items they need to constantly update.

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