Indiana Primetime Sports



About the Project:

When Primetime Sports approached Nextfly for a new website design, they were looking for a clean and easy-to-use eCommerce website design. They had begun to offer more services and needed a website with an easier shopping cart functionality to sign up for their athletic programs.

Nextfly delivered just that! We utilized a WordPress plugin called wooCommerce. That provided website visitors an efficient way to book programs for their children.

Site Features:

primetime-mobileResponsive Design

Being that everyone is on the go these days, more people are using their hand held devices to make purchases. That is why Primetime Sports’ wanted a new design that was mobile friendly. They needed a site to “work flawlessly” on all types of devices. To make customers lives easier, we simplified the navigation on all devices with large touchpoints and icons.

  • To find more information about our responsive design services click here.

Content Management System

We knew that Primetime Sports would not have the time to learn coding to keep their website up-to-date. With the addition of a NEXTFLY content management system, Primetime Sports is now capable of making their own changes to their site easily and efficiently whenever they have content updates.


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