Earth Exploration



Behind the Project:

Earth Exploration approached Nextfly looking to redesign their website. They wanted a more modern and up to date look. We enhanced the footer with a clay looking effect and added footprints, which give it a 3-dimensional look. We added graphics to resemble dirt splotches to customize their website with their line of business. We added a services area that allows their clients to view the services they focus on. The featured projects page, allows clients to showcase the projects they have performed around the area. Overall, the site is simple to navigate and gave Earth Exploration a brand new look.

Site Features:

Content Management System

We knew that Earth Exploration  would not have the time to learn coding to keep their website up-to-date. With the addition of a NEXTFLY content management system, Earth Exploration can now easily update their their content, make new blog posts, post photos and more! Not only does their content management system look good, but it makes their life easier on updating their clients with new information.


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