Commercial Food Systems

About the Project:

Commercial Foods came to us wanting a user friendly website for viewers to be able to view their products easily and quickly. They wanted large banners to highlight specials, new products and events that they feature. We added a gallery to showcase their products, which allows them to easily change their inventory and update new products, etc. Overall, this website gave them an updated look and is convenient for them to use and update when they need to.

Site Features:

Responsive Design

People want to be able to view websites on the go and quickly. With a Responsive Design website your viewers can browse your site on all mobile devices. This type of website will resize all images and content to fit whatever device it is viewed on. In this day and age, this is very important to keep people on your site. If your site is to hard to navigate, people will leave quickly.

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Content Management System

Having a content management system,  allows the website owner to update their website without learning coding, etc. If you need content updated, images swapped out or a blog posted, you can do this on your end and at your convenience. We provide a complimentary training to teach you the ins and outs of how to perform these functions.

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