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It seems like everywhere you look these days, there are hosting providers offering ultra discounted web hosting plans, basically just giving the hosting away

“For $0.99 a month, we will give you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 support”  -ABC Hosting Company

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is. You could be putting your company, its SEO (search engine optimization), privacy, and security at risk. Web hosting is not something that should be taken lightly, and we are going to go through some of the reasons why its important to spend some time while making this decision.

Phoenix Web Hosting

When making the decision of who should host your company, there are several very important factors to consider. While some are more important than others, be weary on what these ‘other providers’ actually offer.

Here are a few key points to think about when deciding who should host your site:

Overloaded Server / Slow Load Times

One of the worst things you can do to your website is have a slow loading page/site. And unfortunately, this is usually the most common problem with other web host providers. Your visitors typically have a very short attention span, and they are not going to wait more than a few seconds for your page to load. If a hosting company is offering web  services at such a discount, they are making up the revenue in quantity, rather than quality. In addition to a terrible user experience, you are also at risk at being penalized by Google and other search engines. Slow load times may force a search engine spider to timeout and leave. Which equates to your pages not being indexed.

At NEXTFLY, we have in-house trained staff to monitor our servers, and dedicated 24/7 support that is proactive in monitoring server health. We ensure your site loads fast, and we promise to never overload our dedicated servers. Most of our dedicated servers are in a giant data center in Chicago, but we also have several servers all over the U.S. hosted by Amazon Web Services.


Web hosting security is very important to the health of your sites. Is your host keeping up with kernel updates, server side updates, and maybe even hardware updates? By having old software that doesn’t get updated regularly, you could be putting your website at risk of being hacked, taken down, or even  a total server compromise.

Don’t get caught in the trap, choose NEXTFLY and we will work to keep our server and your site as safe as possible!


If anything were to ever happen to your site, many of these hosts will either not automatically backup your website and database, or if they do, they charge astronomical charges to pull the backups if you need.

At NEXTFLY, we have not only have drives ghosting eachother in real-time, so if one goes down, the other is still up. But we also have weekly on-site, weekly off-site, and a monthly off-site at a different location. We take backups very seriously, because you never know when something may happen. In most cases, we give you complete access to your site, and if for any reason, you click the wrong thing, or delete the wrong file, we will get you up and running in no time (usually at no cost!).

Extended Warranty

Although the extended warranty we offer is usually more about the website code, imagery, etc., it many times can be related to a web hosting related problem to. For just $150 a year, you will never be charged to restore a backup, or have anything fixed on your site. Many of our clients like to know that no matter what happens, we will be there to get it fixed. Have the piece of mind of knowing that you are in good hands, regardless of what may or may not happen while working on your site, updating plugins, etc. It’s like having an insurance policy on the functionality of your site, and the web host it resides on.

Phoenix Web Design & Hosting

Now that you have this brand spanking new site, that is beautifully designed and ready to be seen by the world, don’t try to save a buck by going with one of the discount hosting providers. That would be like putting a lawn mower engine in a Corvette… May look great, but it is not going to perform at all!You are putting your business, your site, and your online efforts in a high risk position.

Choose NEXTFLY to host you, and see how web hosting is supposed to be offered.  Call us at (480)630-9992 or Contact Us today to get setup!

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