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Have a product or service that you are trying to sell online? Look no further than NEXTFLY for your design & development. We have built hundreds of eCommerce sites across a variety of platforms. From totally custom sites, to WooCommerce/WordPress sites, to full blown Magento sites, we are your best choice for eCommerce Web Design in Phoenix.

Phoenix eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design can be a tricky thing to get put together. With our experience here at NEXTFLY, we will make the process incredibly smooth for you, and cost effective too. There are a lot of options on platforms to build on, we will have several questions for you to be sure that we advise you to the correct system. Many of these questions relate to your offering, whether it’s a product or service, we will need to understand exactly what you are selling and be sure that we pick the proper channel to get there.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate system: eCommerce Security: Making sure your site is secure is one of the primary concerns when building an online store. We will be sure to go through all of the possible ways of accepting payments, and choose the one that works for you. We can scale from a simple PayPal setup that doesn’t really have any upfront costs all the way up to storing credit cards through a gateway and having automatic monthly payments coming out and getting paid to you. We will make sure we advise you on the benefits of both, as we have set these up in so many different capacities. In addition, we will secure your site with a 256-bit SSL security certificate (at an additional cost). This certificate is what allows users web browsers to connect to your website securely, which is when you see the little green lock up on the address bar of your site. We prefer to SSL your entire site, not just the checkout. Google also gives you a SEO signal/benefit for doing this. They prefer completely secure sites. You will see as you read this, that our site is completely secure. Check out the address bar on your browser now, you will see the green lock. We will have your site setup that way too! eCommerce Gateway: A gateway is the line of communication from your website to your merchant account (aka bank). If you bank with Chase, you could setup a merchant profile with them and negotiate your discount rate, then we could connect a gateway, like, that will allow your site to connect to your chase merchant to process cards in real time. The best part is, usually you get your money by the next day, making cash flow a business simple! eCommerce Marketing: As you grow your business online and get more purchases, we can start marketing to those users via online newsletters and other methods. You’re building a huge database of contacts that have purchased from you, so why not take advantage of that information and market to them year-round through multiple different means? Our team will help you understand the capabilities and options of this, so you can decide if that is something you would be interested in taking advantage of. Remarketing/Retargeting/Pixel Marketing: One of the best marketing strategies available today is remarketing. What is it? Well, if someone visits your site and is looking at a pair of gloves you have for sale, we can install a pixel, which enables us to put that same pair of gloves on social networks like Facebook, or local news channels sites, and pretty much everywhere else on the Internet that supports advertising. Think about how powerful that is to be able to connect to that potential buyer that didn’t buy that day, over and over again for up to 30 days! It can change your business, and really grow your brand and brand-awareness more than you can imagine. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool that we can get installed on your eCommerce site to produce huge results for your business.

Phoenix eCommerce Designer

We have tremendous experience in the realm of eCommerce and all of the options available. Give us a call today at (480)630-9992 or Contact Us today to start building your eCommerce strategy. We look forward to speaking with you and making what could be a dream, or a under-preforming site into a sales mecca!

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