Bounce Rate Issues?

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Bounce Rate Issues   Several times this week I have had current clients and potential clients ask why their current bounce rate is so high on their website, or just general questions regarding bounce rate. The truth is, there are several factors that cause your website to have a high bounce rate, or how quickly […]

Back To School

Back To School Summer is my favorite time of year; I love hanging out with family and friends and getting a chance to just sort of reset our life. Swimming in the backyard, cookouts with friends and maybe a little vacation. The days are long, and the nights are full of movies and board games. […]

Language of Learning

Learning a foreign language can be a daunting task at first. I remember my first year of Spanish in high school and feeling so overwhelmed, I mean, I had no idea how to conjugate a verb or what a past participle was. I knew a few of the bad words but that wasn’t going to […]

Meet Sarah Griffith

sarah family

Hello, I am Sarah, I have been living here in the desert for 5 years now. We moved here from Amarillo, Texas to get away from the wind. I have a husband, two kiddos and a couple dogs. I’m excited to be here with Nextfly and expand my computer knowledge and learn something new! I […]