How to be a Successful Graphics Designer Today 

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Brett Beck

Do you want to be an awesome, top of the game graphic designer? Your Columbus web design company, NEXTFLY, brings to you some amazing tips to help you get your basics right. It obviously won’t happen overnight, but this leads to the road to success.

Start from the Ground Up

Graphic designing isn’t really a conventional career path. The good news is, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it will really pay off. The number of tools and tutorials out there is overwhelming. Identify a few tools you want to learn and then take short, basic online courses to get an idea of what you can do with it.

From there, you can take on an actual project and apply your learnings. In the process, you will get to work with incredibly talented people and get great feedback. Every job you have, every project you do, and every person you work with will help you advance.

Expand your Skillset

Leveraging your existing skillset is a good place to start. Think hard about the skills you have from your baseline experience and how you can apply them to graphic design. Whatever you already know is always relevant somehow. However, you have to keep constantly expanding your skillset to stay at the top of your game.

Make learning your best skill. You should take advantage of every opportunity to expand your toolset and work on different types of projects. Once you’ve learned one tool well enough to produce good results with it, learn the next one.

Learn to Work for Clients

Your work should be less about your artistic preference and more about giving your clients what they ask for. You need to change your mindset from artist to problem solver. Having said that, you should still offer your artistic expertise and advise clients on why you make your choices.

You will also need to prepared for having clients with unreasonable expectations and irritating attitudes. Keep your cool that no matter how crazy the client drives you, the job needs to get done and the client needs to be happy with the finished product.

Create an Online Presence

At this day and age it goes without saying but if you’re living under a rock, get this – it’s important to have an online presence. It will allow you to express yourself and maintain a constant dialogue with other people interested in you work. It helps in getting your name out and becoming known.

Prospective employees will expect you to have either your own blog or website. You can even use an online portfolio service like Behance. Moreover, you can use your portfolio as a tool to assess your own skills and professional growth.

It may take a bit longer to find your place in a career path like graphic design, but if this is truly where your heart lies, it will be totally worth it. Just keep at, gulp down that coffee and face those long nights.

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