5 True and Tested Ways to Get Inspired for Your Next Web Design Project

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Brett Beck

Feeling dull and uninspired? NEXTFLY Columbus have some great ideas to get you out of the artist’s block.

Study Other Designers

It is important to have a look at what other designers have been up to. Study websites like Inspiration Hut and Designspiration that showcase all sorts of artwork and design pieces from designers around the world.

Take a peek at all the incredible designs out there as it can help you get inspired in terms of thought, color theory, design approach or composition.

On websites like Muse, you can read about the inspiration behind the work of artists and designers. The internet is bustling with creative individuals, great ideas and brilliant designers and reading about them can in turn inspire you to do something great.

Use a Prototype Application

Inspiration becomes much easier when you envision an idea that pops up in your head and translate it to the canvas quickly. It lets you make any required changes easily and quickly, and you can try out as many different things as you want before settling on a final look.

Using prototype application can be used to visualize the look of everything from logos and web designs to magazine layouts and print ads. Once you’ve finalized the look of your design in the prototype, it’s a breeze to construct the finished product in other applications.


It can be hard to feel inspired if you place limits and restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Instead of going with the standard and conventional designs, play with different typefaces, switch between styles and sizes.

When in doubt, remember that a lot of great achievements in science and art were unintentional. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, going with your gut and breaking the norm!

Make your Workplace Inspirational

We constantly seek inspiration from our surroundings. Making your office or home a more fun and creative place to work in can work wonders for your upcoming projects. Place your favorite books, music and artwork prominently in the work space.

Put some effort to make sure that your workplace represents you as an artist/designer and reflect everything that inspires you. Use sketches, bits and pieces you’ve cut out of magazines and print ads that you find interesting and even posters to decorate your room. It will give you much more inspiration than staring at a white wall for hours.

Take a Break

If you spend all your time staring at your screen, gulping down one cup of coffee after another and slowly going crazy, chances are you won’t have any bright new ideas.

Take breaks. Throughout the day. Take time out for a long shower, a delicious meal and a walk around the neighborhood. Let these good experiences give you some peace of mind and inspire you. You will be able to return to your work with a fresh perspective and think up some great new ideas.

Being in the right frame of mind can work wonders for your projects. So get inspired and get shit done.

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