4 Design Tips that Force the Visitors to take Massive Action

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Brett Beck

Have you come with an awesome product or service but your conversion rates are nearly as good as you’d hoped? Could it have something to do with your design? NEXTFLY’s Columbus Web Design firm brings to you some important guidelines for you want your calls to action to do their absolute best.

A few tricks here and there can do wonders for your conversion.

Address the user’s questions

Your customers need to trust you before completing a call to action. They naturally bring with them questions and concerns when you are asking them to make a payment or give out personal information. You need to address these concerns. Always keep this in mind when you’re designing a page, you’re just making it look pretty, you’re making it useful to the users.

You obviously need to sell the benefits of buying your products or subscribing to your newsletter but don’t just stop there, give answers to their questions. Be it delivery charges, frequency of emails or return policy, make all the information available to the users conveniently at one place. 

Use Faces

Showing photos, especially of people, command more attention from your users since we are drawn to them. It’s also been studied that colored photos draw more attention than black and white ones. See where we’re going with this?

Place large photos of people around your CTAs to move your audience’s attention in that direction. However, beware of attracting too much attention to the images. If you’re not careful, they can be distracting audience taking CTAs, the main element, out of focus.


The position of your CTA is also extremely important. It needs to be eye catching and stand out from rest of the content, but at the same time not obnoxiously loud. Make sure you don’t have too many distracting elements on your page that can take away the attention from your CTA.

A common practice is to associate images with a call to action which can help to draw the user’s attention. Many designers also go for placing it high on the page in the central column which works most of the times. Also, consider how you position your call to action in the user’s journey. Give them the ring too early in the relationship and you’ll scare them away for good.

Negative Space

Don’t let the name fool you, negative space can bring you positive results when used right. The more elements you place around your CTA, the more it fades into it. Don’t clutter. Use white space around your call to action buttons and you will naturally draw user’s attention to it.

Negative space doesn’t just bring aesthetic values but also has a tangible impact on the effectiveness of your site. You can use it to increase the legibility of your page and offer your users increased comprehension by up to 20%.

In design, no single tip is going to work for every business and every website. Keep testing and experimenting with designs and see what works best for you.

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